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No Xbox 360 price cut this holiday season

by on27 August 2012


Dropping the price on Kinect is all you get

Sources are whispering to us that if you thought Microsoft’s slashing the price of Kinect was a clear indication that a price cut was coming to the Xbox 360 console, don’t; because it isn’t happening, at least this holiday season.

Sources are telling us that Microsoft will do a special bundle for the Xbox 360 this holiday season, but they are not going to cut the price of the Xbox 360 hardware. The one exception to this is likely the Kinect bundled version of the Xbox 360, which will likely see a $40 price drop. Beyond that, Microsoft will hold steady with its current hardware pricing.

While some big retailers may offer some special deals that is about the only way you are going to see any real movement on the price. With Microsoft planning a new console for 2013 and still leading in sales, even with the Wii U coming Microsoft isn’t being pressured enough to have to drop the price of the hardware.

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