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AMD Barcelona up and running

by on11 May 2007

HardOCP has picture proof

Kyle Bennet over at HardOCP has taken a couple of snaps of two different Barcelona based systems at an event in California. There's one single CPU and one dual CPU system pictured.

Both systems are powered by a quad core AMD Barcelona processor, although no clock speeds were given for either system. According to the post, the dual quad core system was encoding a 1080p trailer of Spiderman 3 into H.264 and was doing this close to real time.

Both systems also had a Radeon HD 2900XT graphics card in them.

You can see the pictures and read the original article here

On a funny side note, it seems like the Chinese language site Hardspell is trying to pass Kyle Bennet as AMD's CTO Phil Hester. Babelfished version here
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