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Political hub comes to Xbox Live

by on24 August 2012

Starting August 27th you get election coverage

In a first for a video game system, Microsoft’s Xbox Live service is in a partnership with Rock the Vote, NBC, YouGov, and Face the Facts USA and will get its own Political Hub. That’s right; you will be able to follow the U.S. Presidential Election right on your Xbox 360 using Xbox Live.

The Political Hub will be interactive and include all kinds of content from polls to give you the chance to register to vote. The move is a first and it isn’t lost on Microsoft that 40% of the Xbox Live users are swing voters, which will play heavy in this election.

We will have to see how well it performs. It is really hard to say what level of interest users will have using the Political Hub when it arrives on August 27th. If successful, it could be a springboard for more new- oriented items coming to Xbox Live globally.

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