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Microsoft gets a new logo

by on23 August 2012

microsoft logonew

After 25 years

Redmond has updated its logo for the first time in 25 years. Although it is getting mixed reviews, we have to admit we like the new design.

The old one has been around since the days of the Berlin Wall and Matthias Rust, and although we are Cold War buffs it was long overdue for a redesign.

The new logo just looks sleeker and it should match the look and feel of new Microsoft operating systems much better. Aside from a new square symbol with no bells and whistles, Microsoft also changed the font and dropped the italic look.

The logo does not feature any rounded corners, so Apple could have a harder time filing frivolous lawsuits. As we all know Apple somehow managed to patent a shape invented by butt naked men with chisels in the stone age, whereas Microsoft was apparently more influenced by monkeys breaking bones in front of an Arthur C. Clarke monolith. [I had no idea Ballmer starred in 2001. Ed]

You can check out Microsoft's official logo video below and find more info here.

microsoft oldnewlogo 1

Last modified on 24 August 2012
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