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Sleeping Dogs buzz continues

by on22 August 2012

Square Enix talks new franchise

United Front's Sleeping Dogs (which started life as True Crime: Hong Kong) continues to generate significant buzz. The buzz is good for publisher Square Enix who rescued the title from Activision when the publisher cast it aside. In fact, Square Enix is already talking about a new franchise for Sleeping Dogs.

The publisher is pleased with the sales so far; and it believes that the title has caught people off guard and is the start of a new successful franchise for the publisher. Square Enix thinks this is the one new IP this year that will be successful enough to spawn a new franchise.

The reviews of Sleeping Dogs have been mixed. While most admit that it does not really break new ground in the open world gaming category, it is fun to play; but it isn't for the young ones. We have been playing ourselves, and while it isn't perfect, we have enjoyed it so far and would recommend it to a friend who likes open world action titles.

While it is too soon to tell when the next chapter in Sleeping Dogs will be coming, we do know that developer United Front is working on the additional six months of DLC content that is coming for the game that has already been announced.

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