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Confusion comes in the translation

by on21 August 2012

Cross Buy will come to North America

After we heard that Sony had elected to not bring Cross Buy to North America, we are now surprised to learn that due to poor Japanese translation it was incorrectly reported. Instead, Cross Buy for the PlayStation Vita is coming to both Europe (as we reported yesterday) and North America, which we are now confirming.

What we have also learned is that Cross Buy (at least for the time being) isn’t coming to Japan right now. It might come at some point in the future, but that has apparently yet to be determined. This is what the translation actually should have been.

So, while Sony’s announcement of the Vita Cross Buy program is interesting, the announcements and additional info on availability have been confusing. No matter; without more software for the Vita and more software that takes advantage of Cross Buy, the entire thing could become irrelevant very quickly. We will have to wait and see.

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