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Qualcomm not buying AMD anytime soon

by on13 August 2012

And neither is Samsung

Our well informed sources have confirmed that Qualcomm won’t be buying AMD anytime soon.

This wild rumor is not completely without wigs, as Qualcomm did acquire a piece of AMD, or AMD’s handheld graphics business to be precise, and it would not be too surprising to see Qualcomm after the whole company sometime in the future.

Samsung on the other hand is not an entirely impossible choice, but at this point it won’t be acquiring AMD either.

It looks like market players want to see the acceptance of Windows RT that will finally prove how important ARM processors really are and knowing AMD, the worst is behind them, as 2012 was the year of many chances, cancelation and anything but good execution for them.

Meanwhile Qualcomm is doing great in the ARM market, although its Snapdragon S4 line suffers from insufficient 28nm production, but due to its on-chip LTE implementation the chips are sought after, especially in the United States market.

AMD will remain an independent company at least in the short term and it does look like that we will see much consolidation over the next few years. However, consolidation is the long-term trend and Apple is a good example, as the Cupertino giant is already designing in-house SoCs, producing its gear and even taking care of retail.

Last modified on 13 August 2012
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