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Chinese iPhone surgeon on trial

by on13 August 2012

Thou shalt not exchange kidneys for iPhones

A Chinese surgeon who enabled poor Apple fanboys get the gadget of their dreams by buying their kidneys is now on trial with four others.

The unnamed surgeon and four others are on trial after one teenager who is said to have sold a kidney to buy an iPhone and iPad 2. While both Apple shiney toys are already out of date the 18-year-old Wang Shangkun is in serious condition after receiving an illegal transplant operation last year.

The five people on trial stand accused of intentional injury and illegal organ trading over the removal and sale of the organ and face three to 10 years in prison if convicted. The China Daily said that Wang agreed to sell his kidney after contacting an illegal agency online.  It appears that he already had his sense of perspective surgically removed thanks to Apple's marketing.

Wang's mother, Ou Linchun, told the court that the kidney was sold for $22,320 and $10,000 in cash. Wang received $3273 which he used to buy the Apple gear. Wang wants $412,183 in compensation from the five defendants, medical staff who participated in the surgery, a hospital and a medical investment company.

Chinese police arrested 137 people, among them doctors, suspected of trafficking human organs in a nationwide crime ring that profited from the huge demand for transplants.

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