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Faster iteration of Core i7 3770K possible in Q1 13

by on13 August 2012

Before Q2 2013 Haswell replacement

It is not carved in stone, but there is a chance that we might see faster itearation of the Core i7 3770K processor in Q1 2013.

This might happen if Intel feels any pressure in the Premium performance P1 market segment that is currently dominated by Sandy Bridge E LGA 2011 based Core i7 3820 and unlocked Core i7 3770K.

Intel feels confident with Core i7 3770 locked edition and it won’t change this part until it gets replaced by Haswell parts in Q2 2013. The newcomer and faster iteration of 3770K is likely to get faster than 3.5 GHz base and 3.9 GHz turbo clock, but Intel hasn’t really revealed any details about it, just the possibility of upgrade if it’s deemed necessary.

A faster than i7 3820 3.6GHz quad-core Sandy bridge E part is also under consideration for Q1 2013 and is more likely to happen especially due to fact that this part only gets replaced in Q3 2013 with the new Ivy Bridge E. So, enthusiasts might have something to hope for.

In Q2 2013 Haswell will definitely replace Core i7 3770K in this unlocked P1 market segment with a faster processor based on a new 22nm architecture.

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