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SSX gets patch with new features

by on08 August 2012

New Multiplayer and Freeride modes included

EA has released a new patch for the SSX revival title that was released earlier this year. The patch includes new Multiplayer and Freeride modes much like the previous SSX titles where players can compete against each other simultaneously online. The mode sees the chopper used to carry riders to the top of the mountain become a lobby of sorts for riders to gather in.

The multiplayer allows for five players at a time to ride simultaneously in both race and Trick It events. The move addresses a major issue that players found with the new SSX title; and while it has arrived late, it a welcomed improvement to the title.

While the EA reboot of SSX has been considered a success according to our sources, the company has not yet indicated if a follow-up is in the cards anytime soon. Rumors continue that like SSX, EA might elect to draw from its large library of successful titles to revive another title before revisiting SSX again. One can only hope that EA is considering Road Rash, as that seems to be one of the titles that players continue to have the most interested in seeing updated.

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