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Mafia 3 in development for what’s next

by on08 August 2012

Will skip Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 releases

Our sources are confirming as accurate news that is coming out of the Czech Republic that Mafia 3 is already in development. What is a bit more interesting, however, is that apparently the decision has been made to bypass the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 releases and instead focus on a release for the Xbox Next and PlayStation 4.

The original report that came out of the Czech Republic came from  and in it the translated info revealed that 2K Czech is staffing up for Mafia 3, and it is targeted as a launch title for the new consoles. Although 2K Czech would not confirm the report as accurate, the fact that they are staffing up and have reportedly finished what they were working on for Grand Theft Auto 5 frees them up to get back to work on Mafia 3.

There is no release date or word if a PC version will be coming, as well. We believe that it will arrive at some point toward the end of 2013 or maybe early 2014, at the latest.

You can read the first report here, but take your translator.

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