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Halo 2 Anniversary is likely coming

by on07 August 2012

Sources say that development has started

Well, it does beg asking the question, “How many times do you have to buy a game?”  Microsoft was apparently so pleased with the sales of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary that 343 Industries has made plans to re-master Halo 2 in all of its glory and bring it back in a new Halo 2: Anniversary Edition.

Sources tell us that the decision was not a hard one; and judging by the reaction when Microsoft turned off the Xbox Live support for the original Xbox and players could no longer play Halo 2, we should have known that bringing this experience back would be a top priority.

According to the whispers we are hearing, look for it to arrive in 2013 and for it to feature all of the goodness from Halo 2 stepped up a few notches. Also, we suspect that it will have full multiplayer support in all modes, as we don’t think they will leave anything out. Don’t expect Microsoft to confirm it till E3 in 2013 at the earliest.

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