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Apple fanboy's faith is tested

by on06 August 2012

iCloud security is a joke

An Apple fanboy is facing a religious crisis after Apple's iCloud security appeared so woeful that it allowed hackers to take over all the gear he owned.

Normally Apple would not give a monkey's about such a fanboy's crisis, it would just pretend it did not happen and people would soon forget. Unfortunately, for Apple, the fanboy in question is Mat Honan who has been spending his writing career trying to talk people into following his lead and making sure that everything has an Apple logo on it.

It appears that in this case the fault was with the security system in Apple's iCloud.  It should have been fairly obvious that this would be an accident waiting to happen.  A cloud system requires two things.  Firstly they have to be very secure otherwise hackers will just go in there and steal data, and secondly the creators have to have detailed expertise in networking.  These are the two areas where Apple is historically rubbish.

Honan, with his faith in Apple, actually believed Jobs' Mob marketing and placed his entire life on the iCloud.  After all it must be secure, it said so on the Apple press release. Needless to say, one day, a hacker got out of bed and thought that instead of doing something difficult, he would hack the iCloud and show Honan how much his faith would protect him.

The method of hacking into the iCloud involved fooling an Apple staff member intro revealing his password. The hacker got in via Apple tech support and some “clever social engineering” that let them bypass security questions.  If a tech support person gave my password to a hacker, I would be very cross.  Honan clearly still has not worked out that Apple is the soul cause of his hack because he claims that the social engineering technique was “clever.”  In otherwords Apple security is still so superior it takes a clever hacker to ask tech support for his password and to get it.

What is strange is that Honan seems to still be placing his faith in the geniuses at Apple tech support to bail him out.  This is amusing since they caused the problem in the first place. However we guess you can only write so many stories about Apple's customer service being so wonderful that it “not only topped the list, it blew away the competition” you have to believe it.

The hack is anyone's worst nightmare.  Honan lost everything.  His backup in Jobs' Walled Garden of delights is all wiped and he does not have control of his Macbook. Needless to say the comments on the story are not sympathetic. “BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Serves you right for being an iBitch,” as one user put it.

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