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EA to add free DLC to Season Ticket

by on06 August 2012

Subscription numbers not where they want them

Electronic Arts isn’t happy with the number of subscribers that have elected to pick up the company’s Season Pass offering. Despite EA pushing hard and the Season Pass gaining initial buzz, it has not led to subscribers.

In an effort to try to sweeten the deal, EA will be offering free DLC content to Season Pass subscribers, which is perhaps the biggest thing that those who have the Season Pass complain about. Many have claimed that there just isn’t enough for the money that EA was charging, and players would not pony up the money for something that they didn’t think was of enough value.

Many other season pass subscriptions that have been more successful focus on DLC content, which apparently players feel is more of a value. A number of other season pass offerings have been more successful, and EA hopes will change by adding more DLC and value to attract more subscribers.

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