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Samsung Galaxy S III put to the test, lives up to expectations

by on04 August 2012



Samsung’s Galaxy S III is a worthy successor to the S II. It is an excellent and very fast phone that many will buy, but it’s not perfect. The plastic back cover feels way too cheap for a premium product and fingertip smudges will irk many people. The other issue is the display, and most people who had a chance to see it next to an HTC One X agree that HTC's SLCD is better. The camera also fails to impress, but the competition does not do a much better job, either.

Still, the S III comes with 50GB of Dropbox storage and it also has a microSD slot, replaceable battery, a surprisingly good front facing camera and best-in-class performance. Overall it’s a great phone with a few minor flaws. We just hope that Samsung will listen to reviewers and consumers and improve material quality, as even the Galaxy Nexus feels better than this much more expensive phone. It just doesn't come close to Apple or even HTC in terms of build quality and given the price there is really no justification for cheap plastics.

It’s a great phone and its runner up in the Android world is the HTC One X, if you are into the 4.7-inch or larger screens you won't go wrong with either. However, in the big scheme of things Samsung is going after Apple, not the Android alliance. The S III has what it takes to take on the dated iPhone 4S, but the iPhone 5 is just a few weeks away and the S III won’t have such an easy time competing with Apple’s all-new iPhone.

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Last modified on 08 August 2012
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