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Celeron 847 and 807 coming to low cost desktops

by on02 August 2012

Windows 8 on a budget

We already mentioned Intel’s new Celeron 847 and 807 chips in this piece, but as it turns out they won’t only be used for mobile. These 32nm Sandy Bridge parts will also get to play a role in the low-cost desktop market as well.

As you can imagine they are made with Windows 8 in mind and the aim is to make low-cost desktop systems a bit faster compared to existing Atom Cedar Trail desktop solutions.

The Celeron 847 is a dual-core, dual-thred 1.1GHz processor with 800MHz graphics but the key point is that its TDP remains at a very acceptable 17W. The processor comes with 2MB of cache and it even supports Blu-Ray 2.0.

The Celeron 807 is a single-core clocked at 1.5GHz with 950MHz graphics, again all in the 17W TDP envelope. It comes with 1.5MB cache and supports Blu-Ray 2.0 specification.

The chipset that goes well with these two parts is the equally affordable NM70. This new low-cost platform should make Intel’s entry level Windows 8 holiday sales stronger and the chipmaker will continue to offer these systems in 2013.

Intel recommends that vendors should configure these Celeron processors to 17W and use them only for desktop designs, although 17W is an appealing figure even for notebooks. Intel doesn’t want that to happen as it usually wants more money for notebook Celeron processors.

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