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Apple finally admits it is not virus proof

by on02 August 2012

Welcome to the real world fanboys

Apple has finally admitted that its superior software design never protected a single fanboy from a virus.

For years Apple, and its legion of fundamentalist followers claimed that its operating system was invulnerable to viruses and cited as proof that no one ever caught one. At the time security experts pointed out that this concept was rubbish and that Apple was only surviving because it had such a small percentage of the market that malware writers could not be bothered writing them when they could not get them distributed.

However, with recent cases of Apple malware not only being written, but totally owning Macs Apple has finally admitted that it had been lying to users all along. It has also written its own virus checker so that Apple fanboys can finally join the real world. Apple has finally acknowledged its desktop computers are susceptible to viruses and malicious software.

Gatekeeper which was released yesterday is just a setting which flagged the user that apps were being installed. It checks downloads for anything that could harm the way the computer runs or spy on what the user is doing online.  If you use the default settings however you end up only using Apps downloaded from Jobs' Mob's Walled garden.  Apple thinks it is much safer and more profitable for fanboys to do that. 

Of course occasionally the odd serpent has got into Eden and Apple users have ended up being infected. 

Last modified on 02 August 2012
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