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Devs not ready to go public with Ouya comments

by on31 July 2012

Many personally backing the Kickstarter project quietly

Our discussions with a number of developers have revealed that while many of them are interested and curious about the Ouya Kickstarter project, they are not ready to make these comments public; this is even though many developers have personally backed the Kickstarter project and are eager to lay their hands on the Ouya once it is released.

As one developer told us, “I think what they are doing with the Ouya is great and I am hopeful that they will continue to gain traction. I am not a decision maker here in my studio, so it would be inappropriate for me to comment publically on what they are doing as a representative from my studio. Personally, however, I have made arrangements to purchase my Ouya and look forward to getting my hands on it.”

Another developer was clearer and told us, “Look, I think it has potential and can fill a significant space in the console market. It is more a question of numbers and priorities at this point. Our studio is always looking for the next big thing and there is no question in my mind that this could be it; but decisions on what platforms we develop for are made far above my pay grade, and while it does seem like this could be something that we want to get involved with, the leaders of our studio in conjunction with the publishers we work with will ultimately make that decision. In my opinion, that decision is still a ways off till more of the blanks are filled in about the Ouya, and how it would fit both into our studio’s business model, as well as how publishers feel it will fit into their business model.”

While we spoke with additional developers, their impressions were much the same. While we are sure that Ouya would like more developers to step forward and pledge support for the new console, it would seem that the bigger guns that we have spoken with are going to wait. This does open a door for the smaller developers, many of whom are already developing Android titles; and those would seem to be the best pool from which to draw support for the console.

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