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West & Zampella settlement was large

by on31 July 2012

Rumors suggest tens of millions of dollars

While no one is talking about the true numbers that Respawn leaders Jason West and Vince Zampella were paid by Activision to settle their lawsuit with the company, the speculation never seems to end. While we know the exact amounts and details are never going to go public, it would seem that it isn’t hard to project what the numbers will look like.

Doug Creutz of Cowen and Company suggests that the number is worth “tens of millions,” according to his comments to Gamespot. This isn’t hard to believe since we know that Activision paid $42 million just to settle the Infinity Ward Employee Group suit that was separate from the West & Zampella lawsuit. West and Zampella had been asking for over $1 billion (Yes, billion with a “B”) in their Activision claim. When you add everything up, the numbers do seem to be realistic.

As for the real numbers, it is doubtful that investors will care one way or the other when the company reveals its earnings on August 2nd. While it will have some impact, in the big scope of things the impact will be minimal when you look at Activision’s bottom line numbers.

Read more in the Gamespot article here.

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