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AOL dial up has best year in ages

by on30 July 2012

Three million in dial-up hell

Far from dying out, AOL's modem based dial up service is reporting its best year in ages. More than three million people depend on the service which runs slower than an asthmatic ant with a heavy load of shopping.

AOL’s (AOL) second-quarter earnings report and found that AOL still provides dial-up service to roughly 3 million subscribers. While this is a drop from the days when it had more than 25 million subscribers, the figure is damn surprising.

The figures show that AOL lost just 84,000 from the prior quarter and 400,000 from a year ago. Now everyone knows that the dialup industry is obviously in permanent decline, but AOL’s subscriber losses last quarter were less than half what they were a year ago.

It seems that the service has hit a state where fewer people are leaving and those that stay need the service because it is better than nothing.

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