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Apple v. Samsung patent trial to open in California

by on30 July 2012

Tech industry gets its equivalent of OJ trial

The Apple v. Samsung patent war is escalating. Following a few high profile cases in Australia, German and Britain, the dispute is coming back home, to California.

An armada of Higgins boats carrying Apple's shock corps of latte-armed lawyers has been spotted off San Jose, as the California Federal court is set to begin jury selection later today. Apple is accusing Samsung of “slavishly copying” its gear, and Samsung is keen to return the favor with a countersuit of its own.

Apple plans to disclose documents showing that Samsung knowingly violated intellectual property rights and Samsung is expected to argue that Apple is trying to stifle the competition, more of the same basically.

The trial is expected to last four weeks and jurors will be picked in Silicon Valley, provided the court finds enough geeks who did not manage to get out of jury duty. This should be a source of concern for Samsung, due to Apple’s standing in Silicon Valley and the fact that it employs quite a few locals.

Basically it will be a bit like holding the OJ Simpson trial in South Africa thirty years ago, but then again Samsung could find its own Mark Fuhrman.

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