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Rumour: iPhone could be delayed

by on27 July 2012

28nm shortage to blame

The release of Apple’s eagerly awaited iPhone 5 could be pushed back due to a shortage of 28m chips.

A report from China, quoting iSuppli analyst Gu Wenjun, claims that the new iPhone packs a 28nm SoC, which means it is either a completely new design or a die shrink of the A5X. However, as the A5X features a massive graphics core and seems tailored for tablets, we are inclined to believe that Apple has an entirely new processor for the sixth generation iPhone.

However, as with all things Apple, a grain of salt is advised. Apple is better at keeping secrets than most governments, so the report could be a bit off.

In related news, Qualcomm recently said that the 28nm shortage is easing, which doesn’t bode well for this particular rumour.

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