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AMD gaming exec jumps ship, joins Nvidia

by on24 July 2012

Bob Feldstein is only the latest loss for AMD

AMD exec Bob Feldstein, who oversaw AMD’s relationship with console makers, has jumped ship and joined Nvidia.

Feldstein joined AMD after the ATI acquisition in 2006. He served as VP of business development and led AMD’s Boston Design Center.

A number of high-ranking AMD execs and industry veterans walked out in recent months, so Feldstein’s defection should come as no surprise. However, few if any joined rival Nvidia and that’s what makes Feldstein different.

Feldstein is seen as instrumental in AMD’s success in the console business and winning designs away from Nvidia. We can only wonder whether he will be equally effective working for the other side.

Nvidia spokesman Bob Sherbin confirmed that Feldstein joined the company and described him as an experienced exec that will help Nvidia think through its future technology licensing projects. Feldstein told The Wall Street Journal that he started at Nvidia on July 16. AMD said Feldstein left the company on “amicable terms” and that senior design fellow Jim Farrell (no relation) is now in charge of the Boston Design Center.

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