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Halo 4 toys to come ahead of the game

by on23 July 2012

Looking to cash in with additional offerings

Microsoft will be looking to extend the money that the company can make from the release of Halo 4 with a line of die-cast tops that will be released ahead of the game. The toys will start coming in August although the game will not actually release till November.

The die-cast toys will be coming from Microsoft partner, Jada Toys, who will be releasing the Mongoose, Ghost, Warthog, and Banshee, which are all from Halo 4. In addition, Jada will also be releasing the Hornet from Halo 3.

In addition to the smaller die-cast toys, a 14-inch Collector’s edition of the Halo 4 Warthog is also going to be released, with more detail and moveable parts. It isn’t clear yet in what kind of numbers this Collector’s Edition of the Warthog will be released, but it is coming.

The decision to drive additional revenue from the release of toys modeled after video games isn’t new, and with the development costs continuing to escalate, it isn’t surprising that the biggest franchises are looking for additional revenue streams to drive the revenue to the bottom line.

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