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Activision said to be looking at options

by on23 July 2012

Would like to get Vivendi’s 60 percent share

Activision is said to be looking at its option in obtaining Vivendi’s 60 percent share of the company after Vivendi didn’t identify a buyer. Sources suggest that Activision has brought in JP Morgan Chase and Allen & Co to offer its opinion on the situation.

Activision is said to be looking very seriously at its options to fund a deal to free itself from its ties to Vivendi. Raising enough money could prove a bit harder than one might think, as the company would have to raise around $5 billion dollars just to get the ball rolling.

Brazilian broadband firm GVT could be a player that might be involved in a deal to purchase the stake from Vivendi, but it is hard to say how much actual interest there from GVT. Only time will tell how this one shakes out.

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