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Sony comes up with a thermal paste alternative

by on18 July 2012

Covers electronics with a sheet

Sony has demonstrated a thermal sheet that it claims matches thermal paste in terms of cooling ability while beating it on life span.

The sheet uses a combination of silicon and carbon fibres, to produce a thermal conductive layer that’s between 0.3 and 2mm thick. The technology is supposed to replace thermal paste which is messy and can stuff things up if it is incorrectly applied.

Sony showed off the thermal sheet, dubbed EX20000C, during the Techno-Frontier 2012 event in Tokyo. Two CPUs were put side-by-side and one was cooled by thermal paste and the thermal sheet. The paste kept the processor at a steady 53 degrees Celsius. The sheet achieved a slightly better 50 degrees Celsius.

It did not really have to beat the paste on temperature. All it had to do was match it and last longer. The sheet can be produced without any imperfections, will be a lot easier to use and 0.3mm thick it’s also going to be thinner than even experts can achieve with thermal paste.

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