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Aussie Nexus S users to get Jelly Bean on July 19

by on18 July 2012

Vodafone spills the jelly beans

Good news for Nexus S users in Australia, all four of them. Engadget is reporting that Vodafone Australia will start rolling out the Jelly Bean update for Nexus S users on July 19.

The rest of the world can pretty much guess when it will get the update, but the Aussie July 19 rollout seems quite promising, so we are expecting the update sooner rather than later. Bear in mind that Google didn’t have much luck updating the Nexus S to ICS back in December, as it was forced to yank the update due to some glitches.

On another note, the update bodes well for Nexus devices in general. The Nexus S launched in late 2010, as the first Gingerbread device. It packs a 1GHz Hummingbird processor and 512MB of memory, yet it is fully capable of running the latest version of Android, sans skins.

Meanwhile phone makers don’t seem all that interested in offering ICS updates for last year’s phones, let along gear dating back to 2010. So while the move makes Google look good, it makes all other vendors look very bad indeed.

With each new Android update the OS gap between Nexus devices and the rest of the Android crowd becomes more apparent. If nothing is done to address this rather worrying trend, it could render all  non-Nexus phones and tablets a pretty lousy investment.

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