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Zambezi FX 8150 dies in Q4 2012

by on17 July 2012

FX 8120, 6200, 4170 too

Vishera is the new kid on the block and once it comes out in Q4 2012 it won’t leave much breathing space for Zambezi 8, 6 and four cores.

According to current plans revealed to AMD partners, the last orders for FX 8150 chips can be placed in late Q4 2012. You will be able to receive your final shipment in Q1 and possibly even further but officially AMD won’t take more orders for this CPU after the end of Q4 2012.

The AMD FX8120 quad-core 3.1GHz with 4GHz Turbo, six core FX6200 with 3.8GHz basic clock and 4.1 Turbo as well as quad core FX4170 with 4.2GHz native clock and 4.3GHz Turbo will face the same destiny.

These are all 125W processors and many Zambezi based 95W parts will face the same destiny. The future for AMD is Vishera AM3+ and it should last for the better part of 2013, until the successor gets ready.

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