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Intel to push Wake on LAN this year

by on22 April 2008


Codenamed Corwin Springs

Intel is working on yet another feature for the upcoming P/G4x-series of chipsets codenamed Corwin Springs. From what we've learned this is a much improved version of WoL or Wake on LAN.

It allows you to leave your PC in standby mode and then wake it up remotely over the Internet to gain access to your data. It can also be used for making remote backups over the Internet or for routing VoIP calls.

The good news is that this will work through a firewall and it should be very easy to set up compared to some of the current remote PC access solutions. It will require some software to be installed and we don't have any details on how this works.

With Intel pushing MID devices, this might not be a bad idea if you can back up your MID to your home PC while you're out and about. Let's just hope the price of mobile data packages will drop quickly.
Last modified on 22 April 2008
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