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Vivendi might sell stake in Activision Blizzard

by on12 July 2012

Is it possible Microsoft would want the 60% stake?

Sources claim that Vivendi has instructed a bank that Vivendi works with to see what the possibilities are for selling its 60 percent stake in Activision Blizzard. While discussions are informal at this point, big companies that are cash rich will likely be asked about their interest in such a purchase. If successful, it is projected that the media conglomerate could raise as much as $10 billion dollars, which is money that company could really use.

Of course, the first company that apparently would have at least some interest (according to the analysts that we spoke with) might be none other than Microsoft. While no one is confirming that Microsoft has been approached, it would be a fit that could be better than other alternatives should Microsoft want to do it.

An analyst that we spoke with also offered the following comment, “60% control of one of the major software publishers like an Activision-Blizzard could be very attractive to Microsoft with the upcoming release of its next generation console. It could be a very interesting purchase by Microsoft that could change the landscape in the next big round of console wars, but it is hard to say if they would want to be deeper into the entertainment software publishing business after the company purged a number of developers from the Microsoft Studio ranks.”

Other possibilities could be Time Warner or China’s Tencent, which are each cash rich enough to be able to pull off such as deal. While Vivendi has not apparently decided anything yet, it is exploring the options. However, it does seem that if Vivendi’s cash need is as great as many suggest, then this might be one of the best options for it.

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