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Rocksteady preparing the next Batman

by on12 July 2012

It will feature Batman from the 1950s, rumors suggest

Rumors of developer Rocksteady already moving on to work for the next Batman title seems to be a given. The mystery of what the next Batman title will be seems to be coming to light, as sources suggest that Rocksteady will tackle Batman that is based on the Sliver Age comics from the 1950s. If correct, it will be a radical departure from what the developer has done previously, but it could be a welcomed direction for fans of the caped crusader.

While the title would likely be positioned as a prequel, it could come from a time when the caped crusader fought some of his most difficult and classic villains, as well as the era when he formed the Justice League of America. The Justice League tie-in does suggest the possibility of other DC heroes or titles with other DC heroes’ titles as a very real possibility in the future.

While Warner Bros Interactive and Rocksteady are not yet talking about the future of Batman, our sources say not to even think that you will see another Batman title released before 2014, and it is very likely that we have seen the last release of Batman for this generation of consoles.

Variety is predicting even more efforts to maximize DC heroes in a number of ways here.

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