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Future setting is not true innovation

by on09 July 2012

Suggestion equals 2143 confirmation coming

In an interview with Edge, DICE head man Magnus Troedsson suggests that FPS franchise need to keep moving forward and future settings are a cheap way to innovate, but such a decision isn’t true innovation without some kind of new revolutionary or at least an evolutionary step. Players will lose interest if developers don’t take this seriously.

It is difficult to see where Troedsson was going with these comments, but we think we with have the answer in something we told you about some time back. It is believed by many, although it remains un announced, the next Battlefield title will be Battlefield 2143 which will be a re-imagined version of Battlefield 2142 which appeared from DICE after the Battlefield 2.

As we have suggested before, some evidence that we have seen does suggest that 2143 is what’s next and if so we believe that it would be an excellent decision ripe for a number of innovative concepts that DICE could bring to console gaming. For us seeing Titan mode come back as well as a new take on the futuristic vehicles is will we would need to see.

Read more here and draw your own conclusions.

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