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Celebrate July 4th week with double XP

by on03 July 2012

All Battlefield 3 players able to earn

DICE is celebrating the July 4th American Independence Day holiday by offering a double XP event every day this week. All Battlefield 3 players will be able to take advantage of the double XP, whether they are Premium or non-Premium players.

The double XP for BF3 will run till 9 P.M. July 4th, but if you happen to be a Battlefield 3 Premium subscriber you will be able to earn double XP till 7:59 P.M. Monday July 9th. Membership in Battlefield Premium does have its advantages.

All platforms will be able to take double XP, and it is worth noting that Premium players have been able to earn double XP every weekend since the service launched. The 4,000 Microsoft Points, or $50, that it costs for Battlefield Premium does look a lot better when you start looking at what you are getting for the money if you are a hard core player.

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