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360 to get new firmware

by on21 April 2008


Updates said to prepare 360 for new features

Microsoft announced that the released firmware update will be available starting today. This update is said to be bringing a variety of changes that will be paving the way for some future new features to be rolled out in the spring update.

While Microsoft has made a practice of offering new feature updates once per quarter the last release update was directly related to compatibility of the HD DVD drive adding some compatibility features, and fixing some lingering bugs that needed to be addressed.

Microsoft does not have anything to offer yet on what could be coming in the future spring update, but it is suspected that some of the updates will enhance the console to be more competitive with Wii and PS3, which have been busy with the release of updates to enhance these console platforms. Microsoft, of course, will have to continue to be aggressive with the enhancements to their console to remain competitive with the Wii and the PS3 as they have both been gaining on 360 as of late.

It is suspected that Microsoft will regain some of the steam for the 360 with the latest release of a revamped version of the console that it is expected to launch late this year. It is suspected that the new version of the 360 console will also include a price drop over the previous version. It is still unknown if Microsoft will be moving toward offering a Blu-ray drive, but even with the continued denials from Microsoft many of our sources say that we can expect a Blu-ray drive to be offered by Microsoft either in the console or as an external unit by fall.

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