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Apple's Air can't do Chrome

by on28 June 2012

Browser crashes

Fruity cargo cult Apple's supreme operating system tends to pack a sad when Google's Chrome is installed in the Macbook Air.

A recent hardware upgrade saw Apple update the Air with speed and storage bumps, in addition to including the faster Intel HD 4000 graphics capabilities. But the problem is that for some reason the new upgrades have inherited their founders deep hatred of Google.

If you run a Chrome browser the spirit of Steve Jobs seizes your Air and crashes with a kernel panic.  This fades the display and presents a message that states the user needs to press the power button to restart the system. This is not the same as blue screen of death.  Everyone knows they only happen in Microsoft machines.  While this might appear to do the same thing, it is an Apple machine so it must have been a feature which was inspired by the genius Steve Jobs. 

Crash logs that are generated when the system goes into a kernel panic show that Chrome can't handle the Intel HD 4000 graphics processors on the new MacBook Air.  Odd really you think Apple would have tested it before shipping.

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