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AMD releases ugly Q1 results

by on18 April 2008


Green team going red

has posted its Q1 results and they're not good, as one might expect after months of struggling on the CPU front.

The chipmaker has reported Q1 revenue of $1.505 billion, a net loss of $358 million, or $0.59 per share, and an operating loss of $264 million, inluding $50 million from ATI acquisition-related charges.

In spite of losses across the board, the Graphics Division (or should we say ATI) did rather well. It, too, suffered an 11% revenue drop compared to the previous quarter. However, it managed to sell more units, but at a lower average price, due to stiff competition and tumbling prices on the mainstream graphics market. The mobile graphics segment also looks promising.

The company is trying hard to cut operating costs and you've probably already heard about the layoffs. The company is also scrutinizing all unprofitable business units not related to x86 or graphics production.

AMD expects to break even in Q3 and we all hope that this is not just wishful thinking on their part.

You can find the detailed results on AMD, here.

Last modified on 18 April 2008
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