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800MHz Core 2 Duo mobile CPU's already on sale

by on10 May 2007

Also in Japan...

There are a lot of news from Japan today. The new Core 2 Duo mobile processors are already on sale in Japan and it's the complete range.

Don't expect them to come cheap though, as you'll have to pay ¥71,190 or €438 for the new T7700 part which is clocked at 2.4GHz, the T7500 is a lot cheaper at €263, but you loose 200MHz as this is as 2.2GHz part. The T7300 drops another 200MHz to 2GHz, but it only costs €200. All these parts have 4MB L2 cache and an 800MHz bus speed.

Also on sale is the T7100 which is a 1.8GHz part with 2MB L2 cache and 800MHz bus speed. This one will only set you back €168. All of these processors are compatible with the new PM965 and GM965 Express chipsets, although so far no motherboards for desktop systems have surfaced.

For some pictures of these new processors and some info in Japanese, click here

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