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No Stranger’s Wrath HD for 360

by on22 June 2012

PS3 version to get more updates

It is now official: the Xbox 360 will not be getting Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD. This is the end of a saga that began quite some time ago when developer Oddworld Inhabitants was turned down by Microsoft.

According to the developer, Microsoft turned the game down for a couple of reasons, ranging from the fact that the size of the game was over the limit allowed for an Xbox Live Arcade title; to the fact that the original Xbox didn’t score highly enough on Metacritic; to the fact that the game simply didn’t sell enough copies to be eligible for release. It all sounds like a lot of smoke and mirrors to us.

Apparently, Microsoft’s decision not to publish it has not stopped the game from being released on the PlayStation 3; and a new patch that is coming for the PlayStation 3 version on June 27th will add 3D support, as well as PlayStation Move support (among the big attractions of this patch).

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