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Persona 4 drives Vita sales

by on21 June 2012

Up 157% in Japan since release

It is about time that Sony received some good news about the PlayStation Vita, and thanks to the release of Persona 4: The Golden in Japan the sales of the PlayStation Vita are up. Japan has seen an increase in sales of the Vita with almost 35,000 units sold, which translates into about 157 percent increase in sales for Japan.

Atlus’s Persona 4 has sold over 137K copies in Japan since the release of this PlayStation Vita title and that is clearly good news. Atlus has been tight lipped on exactly how well they expected Persona 4 to sell, but clearly these numbers so far have to exceed their expectations.

While sales of the Vita are on the upswing at the moment, Nintendo is still in the lead with the company’s 3DS unit with almost 62K units sold. Still, as we can see with the release of Persona 4 and how it was able to drive sales, both the Vita and 3DS could use more titles to help drive more sales to their respective handhelds.

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