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M.U.L.E attempting a return

by on19 June 2012

Kickstarter campaign trying to make it happen

The classic strategy game M.U.L.E from Ozark Softscape, written by Dan Bunten and published originally by Electronic Arts, is attempting to make a comeback. A Kickstarter campaign started by Dan’s kids is seeking support to create a new M.U.L.E title for iOS and Android.

The new M.U.L.E title will be created by an all new Ozark Softscape and managed by Meldannic LLC, which is owned by Dan’s children, Melanie, Daniel, and Nick. Once M.U.L.E Returns is released, DreamQuest Games is planning a modern tribute called Alpha Colony, which is the project they are seeking funding to develop.

The game has a planned release date of June 2013, but first the Kickstarter campaign has to reach its goal of raising $500,000 in funding to make it happen. So far, the campaign is off to a bit of a slow start, with only having raised just short of $25K with slightly fewer than 350 backers the last time we checked. Still, there is time with 25 days left to go to get the project funded.

Learn more about funding the project here. Read more about M.U.L.E Return here.

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