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AAA title focus only for THQ

by on18 June 2012

No more uDraw, says Rubin

It seems that lately not a day goes by where we are pondering the fate of THQ going forward. We are not the only ones, however.  New THQ head Jason Rubin has been aggressive in trying to get the message out that THQ isn’t dead yet, and despite the financial issues that the company has had they are making the right decision to bring the company back and get it pointed in the right direction.

As part of that strategy, Rubin claims that the days of uDraw are over, and THQ will be laser focused on the delivery of “AAA” titles only going forward. This is a bit of a switch from a publisher that seemed to be all over the place in the past couple of years. While Rubin knows that they can’t do it overnight, they plan to invest money in the right kinds of AAA projects and see them through, making sure that the finished game that is shipping is the best that it can be. The process will be similar to what Rubin fostered at Naughty Dog.

If the company avoids risky title investments that might stop some innovation; but right now THQ needs hits that can generate cash and titles that the public want to buy. We have been impressed with what Rubin says, but the real question is whether he can deliver. We think that he has some excellent teams and some good properties to work with, but there is still a long way to go. Unlike some analysts, we are not counting THQ down for the count just yet.

Last modified on 19 June 2012
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