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Ultimate Rapture Edition coming

by on18 June 2012

BioShock everything bundled together

If you still have not played BioShock, there is nothing left to wait for, as the deal isn’t going to get any better. BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition is coming. The BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition contains both the first and second BioShock games, plus all of the DLC for both games in one package.

While BioShock 2 was available in Rapture edition that contained a 96-page art book, we have no word that this will be part of the package this time around; and our sources tell us not to expect it. No word yet on the official release date for North America and Europe, and we don’t have any idea of the pricing, but we are hearing that it could be around $40 for the entire package, which would be an excellent deal if you still have not experienced BioShock.

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