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Forza Horizon to run at 30fps

by on14 June 2012

Precedence given to features rather than frame rate

In an interesting decision, Forza horizon developer Playground Games has chosen to give precedence to the technologies that are layered on top of the game, rather than focus on the game running at 60fps as with Forza Motorsport.

Features such as full day/night cycles in an open world and real-time dynamic sky and cloud simulations that are always changing are just some of the things that are part of Forza Horizon and contribute to the mood and dynamics of the game.

The team at Playground has invested some serious time in building the necessary technology to create the high level of necessary visual fidelity that Forza players expect from a title carrying the Forza name. Horizon has many features that Forza Motorsport does not have, but in playing Horizon (unlike Forza Motorsport) the 30fps performance is more than enough to give players the experience that they expect from the game. 60fps isn’t going to make mastering Forza Horizon any better or easier.

From what we have seen, Horizon looks impressive and looks like it will deliver on its design goals.

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