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Rubin clarifies commitment to Darksiders

by on14 June 2012

Says he is enthusiastic about the franchise

Jason Rubin says that he was misquoted or perhaps misunderstood over his comments about developer Vigil and the Darksiders franchise.

Rubin says, “The quote implied that I am not enthusiastically behind the Darksiders universe, and that THQ has made the decision not to continue the Darksiders franchise. This is simply untrue.”

What Rubin was actually talking about was that he is looking to push his development teams to make interesting games and in the case with Vigil, it does not mean that they would not continue to support and develop Darksiders, as well.

Rubin also tells of a new trailer that is coming out next Monday that will show new things that have not been seen in Darksiders II previously. Rubin said that he enjoyed the original game, and Darksiders II is better than the first; and he is incredibility excited about the Darksiders franchise moving forward.

To us, it sounds like the clarification is a lot more in line with what we have been hearing from others that have seen the game so far. Of course, not every developer wants to work on the same title over and over again, so it is good to hear that Rubin wants to push his developers because that is when they develop the best games.

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