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Acer rolls out first touch enabled ultrabooks

by on04 June 2012

S7 series in 13- and 11.6-inch flavours

Intel has been talking about touchscreens and new ultrabook form factors for months and now we are starting to see the first designs trickle down from Computex.

Acer has just unveiled its first touch-enabled ultrabooks, part of its new convertible S7 series. Compared to Acer’s first-gen S3 ultrabooks, the new designs are somewhat thinner, packed in a 12.5mm aluminium unibody. However, the biggest difference is the screen, a 180 degree fold-back affair that transforms the new ultrabooks into full fledged tablets.

Under the bonnet you will find Intel’s latest Core i5 and Core i7 Ivy Bridge processors, so they should be on the fast side. However, don’t expect any bargains – aluminium unibody, Ivy, touchscreen – we are probably looking at a four-digit MRSP.


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