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Core i5 3365M and Core i5 3325M in Q3 2012

by on22 May 2012

Faster graphics, that’s all

We wrote about the new Core i7 3525M that is supposed to arrive in Q3 2012 here, but it looks like there will be two more 3xx5 processors to launch in the same period. The key change is the somewhat faster graphics core and the two processors will come under the Core i5 brand.

The Core i5 3360M, slated to launch in June, will get an updated version called Core i5 3365M in Q3 2012 (starts in July 2012 and lasts three months ed. ) Both of them are dual-core with four threads 35W TDP processors with 2.8GHz base frequency, 3.3GHz maximum dual-core clock and 3.5GHz maximum single-core clock. The only difference is that Core i5 3360M has graphics that run between 650MHz and 1200MHz, while Core i5 3365M works with graphics clock from 650MHz to 1350MHz.

This is not a big change but Intel thought it would be a good idea to add these three new BGA only processors to this already overcrowded 35W TDP lineup.

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