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Employees want to bring own gear to work

by on17 May 2012

Better than the rubbish we normally get

Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD) to work is becoming the latest headache for IT departments. Koby Amedume, EMEA director of marketing at Software management outfit Kaseya said that BYOD continues to burn in the minds of IT decision makers and networking professionals. 

Its own research found that more than a quarter of UK organisations ranked BYOD as the biggest challenge for its IT team – ahead of other key challenges including the impact of security breaches and migration to cloud computing. He said that many organisations must accept is that BYOD is not a fad and it is not a choice.

“It is happening right now in companies as increasingly smart, connected and content-rich devices become the norm for progressively mobile workforces,” Amedume said. Businesses must look at this as a great opportunity to take what could become a major problem and security concern, and convert it into a fantastic business enabler, providing  access to corporate resources to allow staff to work where and when they like, and from their device of choice, Amedume added.

Amedume claimed that the companies needed an enterprise-class Mobile Device Management (MDM) system that can handle both corporate and personal mobile devices. 

“With this in place, simple and secure onboarding of devices to the corporate network can happen without requiring time-consuming and costly assistance from IT support,” he said.

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