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VIA motherboard gets stuffed into Gameboy

by on09 May 2007

The original Gameboy that is

VIA's latest
EPIA PX10000G motherboard has been squeezed into an original Gameboy from the early days or portable handheld gaming. However, don't expect to play Super Mario on this Gameboy, as it seems to be lacking a screen.

Although it's not the first time we've seen a VIA motherboard squeezed into a console of one kind of another, this has to be the first time someone has fitted one into a handheld console.

There isn't much information about the mod, but it all seems to be there and it is meant to be fully functional as long as you attach an external display and a keyboard and mouse. There's even a CF card for the OS to be loaded onto.

You can find more pictures over at Akihabaranews


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