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GTX 690 overclocking under evaluation

by on17 May 2012

Controlled by Nvidia 100 percent

There are no more clocks in the usual sense in Nvidia's Kepler based GTX 600 series chips due to the turbo overclocking feature. The new Kepler based graphics cards work at the different clock almost every (mili) second. This is what most of you know and have learned in the past from Intel Turbo clock on Core i7 / i5 processors.

If it is not too hot for the graphics chip, and you need to process more shaders, triangles and other geometric nonsense in order to make the FPS goes up, the card speeds up towards the maximum clock speed. With GTX 690 the regular clock speed starts at 915MHz and stops at 1019 MHz.

Now under overclocking we consider getting both clocks up, the top normal clock or the card and turbo clock and at this time there is no clear news that there will be factory overclocked GTX 690 editions. At this time our various sources are telling us that they are still not working on an overclocked cards or an alternate way of cooling the GTX 690.

As you are aware overclocked GTX 680 and GTX 670 and coming and some more will come soon, but it’s not clear if the GTX 690 overclocking will happen. We didn’t get conclusive answers so far, weather someone is preparing water cooler or any alternative way of cooling the GTX 690 but we will keep our hopes up. At this time we are hearing that overclocked GTX 690 won’t show up anytime soon.

The downside of overclocked GTX 690 is that it might end up clocking even more than ridiculously high 999 euro / USD, but it would run even faster.

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