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Six vendors can do GTX 690

by on17 May 2012

No Zotac, Point of View or TGT on list

Asus, Gigabyte and MSI are well known for their motherboards and the fact that they also do sell graphics cards can warm Nvidia’s heart for them.

Nvidia has showered them with love and have granted them the privilege of selling the new 999 euro/USD GTX 690 cards.

Three other players that can sell the GTX 690 are EVGA and Gainward and a somewhat less known, but nonetheless big player that goes under the name of Palit. These three only do graphics cards. All six privileged and blessed vendors can sell reference GTX 690 cards.  

However, some big names that were included in the GTX 590 launch, including water-cooled editions from Zotac, or for that matter Point of View and TGT are not on the GTX 690-allowed list. According to Nvidia’s decision there won’t be any GTX 690 cards from these vendors.

In the meantime Gainward and Palit have joined the list of available cards, you can find the Gainward 988 euro listing here and 999 euro Palit listed here.

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